Cool infographic about Romania

Romania is the country where I was born and it’s a country of many contrasts. It’s beyond the stereotypical phrases and lies that is a country full of gypsies and thieves, prostitutes, stray dogs or poor people, or more recently a messed up political status. The media seems to have an eye for scandal, and like any other country there is plenty of room to find something to dig for. So if you want to focus on the bad things you will find many negative things online, but the truth always lies in the middle, so stay informed.

Beyond all those awful portraits of my country- I have to admit that nothing is as bad as it looks from abroad. Bucharest is one of the safest cities I have lived in and felt more safe living there then in Brussels or the UK. Romania has made a huge progress in the past 20 years since it rebelled against communism and it tries to catch up to the more developed countries in Europe.
People are warm and ‘authentic’, try to live a healthy life and women are beautiful – or so all my foreign friends think about my country women. Come and see for yourself, you will not want to leave it – as the guys from Top Gear said after visiting Romania.


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I'm a curious and dynamic person, I love to travel and take photos of places I find amazing. On this blog you will find a wide range of subjects, from funny videos to personal reflections and information related to Management, Social Media, HR, PR and International Relations. Hope you’ll enjoy and come back soon!

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